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OOC [17 Apr 2002|07:49pm]
For personal reasons I am giving up this role. Comment if you want it.

Sorry to the 2 people this inconveniences.
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[05 Apr 2002|08:35pm]
Mercedes Lander = Jan 25, 1984. She's 18, guys.

Leave me alone. Sully, if you still want to kick my ass, do it, but have a good reason. You'd think Morgan would know her own sister's birthdate, and KNOW she's legal. GET OFF MY BACK!

If you STILL have a problem, get on AIM and talk to ME about it.
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[02 Apr 2002|02:07am]
^is terribly confused^

Someone explain to me what has happened here?
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My trucks TEEHEE [01 Apr 2002|01:38pm]

Aren't they loverly?
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[01 Apr 2002|12:55am]
^points to icon^

that's all I have to say!
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[31 Mar 2002|11:39pm]
Oh wow... dude... um. Yeah. errr. ahem.

And I am speechless.
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[27 Mar 2002|09:26pm]
Tripp quit the band. I don't blame him actually, since the three of us gave him such a DIFFICULT choice simply not doing drugs and PROVING it, but I guess it was too hard for him to handle, so he quit ^shrugs^ Not my problem.
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[25 Mar 2002|07:28pm]
^dusts off LJ^

I didn't feel like posting in a while. Sue me. First post since Chaz's birthday, and the last real post was God knows how long ago.

Someone has made me want to avoid human contact. Someone who was supposed to be my friend. Tripp, I don't want you to talk to me until you can PROVE to me you are done with this shit. I can't deal with you right now. What you did to me hurt me more than you will ever know. Maybe I'll be online for people to talk to me...
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[20 Mar 2002|08:56pm]
happy Birthday to you... Happy birthday TO you... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR CHESTER!!!! happy birthday to you!
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[18 Mar 2002|09:31pm]
Welcome bobby_hewitt to Live Journal!

Tripp wants me to say hi... he's feeling under the weather..
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[13 Mar 2002|11:26pm]
If Tripp shows up at my house stoned and running from the cops one more time, I'm leaving him outside. I won't help him. I will not say anything about what was said between LP and him... I'm Switzerland. I'm not getting into it. But he's taking the drugs waaaaay too far.
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sdkghsdlhfdgj!!!!!!! [10 Mar 2002|11:45am]
[ mood | nerdy ]


tripp_rex_eisen and talenaatfield


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[09 Mar 2002|01:40pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Anyway... the road trip list goes like this...


Is that is? Speak now or forever hold you peace and just miss put on a shitload of fun!

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Welcome! [28 Feb 2002|07:39pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Everyone add tripp_rex_eisen to your friends list, because he's um, in my band and shit. He's close to crazy, in two ways. Hyperactive, and then quiet, thoughtful. He's weirder than me. "What?" you say. "Is that POSSIBLE?" Why, yes, it certaily is. I don't think I've ever heard Tripp say something serious, and if he has, I didn't notice, because Tripp's fucking odd. He has his own little world, and he talkes to himself more than Static, I mean, I do. Yeah... Don't take anything he say offensively, because he most likely doesn't mean it.

I don't want to talk about what happened last night. As far as I'm concerned, it never happened. Ok? I'm sooooo sorry Tom, for getting you involved. That was unnecessary.

Here, you guys are my brothers.


We're all brothers. No hating in the family, or I'll Zap you. There is absolutely NO reason why we can't get along. I don't think you guys know how stressed out I got. I'm never stressed, and anyone close to me will attest to that. I meditate on a daily basis, and the only yelling I do is when I perform, which is another form of my meditaion. Violence scares me, especially between friends, and ESPECIALLY the things you guys did last night. I honestly think you didn't see any of us as friends, just someone you'd like to cause harm or inflict pain. You guys should be ashamed, because I was for you, and I'm saying this in all DEAD seriousness. There was no reason for last night. It was petty, and people got hurt, when they didn't have to. People got stressed, when they didn't have to. People lost the chance of friendships, when they didn't have to. We all have a lot in common... the main thing being our love for music, and our bond should never be broken. I wish everyone the best, and hope everyone's band gets credit where it's due.

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hahaha! Les is a genius! [27 Feb 2002|07:45pm]
[ mood | amused ]

PRiMUS does suck [6:02 PM]: wait no i gots to be alive. Fred said we're gonna crash the grammys.
PRiMUS does suck [6:02 PM]: I'm alive I'm well
ljwaynexstatic [6:02 PM]: YEAH! That's gonna kick static ass
PRiMUS does suck [6:03 PM]: it is. I wanna point and laugh at the pop people all night
PRiMUS does suck [6:03 PM]: make fun of their relieving outfits I should find attractive but dont.
ljwaynexstatic [6:04 PM]: I wanna molest Britney
PRiMUS does suck [6:04 PM]: we'll see plenty of tits and or ass tonight but it wont be fun
PRiMUS does suck [6:04 PM]: you should, that'd be funny
ljwaynexstatic [6:04 PM]: I wanna get drunk afterward
PRiMUS does suck [6:04 PM]: people would be like 'who the hell is that oh my god!'
ljwaynexstatic [6:05 PM]: she'd be like "ewwwww I'ma VIRGIN! Justttttinnnnn!? mah boyfriend is gonna kick your ass now
ljwaynexstatic [6:05 PM]: and I'll laugh until they commit me
PRiMUS does suck [6:05 PM]: Virgin my ass.
PRiMUS does suck [6:05 PM]: lmao@you
PRiMUS does suck [6:05 PM]: you really believe she's a virgin??
ljwaynexstatic [6:06 PM]: I am funny, aren't I? I don't know... when you have a gay boyfriend.... she's really with the Italian stud in that group, ya know?
ljwaynexstatic [6:06 PM]: he puts out
PRiMUS does suck [6:06 PM]: I heard about that. That's funny
PRiMUS does suck [6:07 PM]: and yeah, you're funny man, hilarious
ljwaynexstatic [6:07 PM]: dude, that guy has a kid... I can't imagine the torment that hing will get from its peers as it gets older
ljwaynexstatic [6:08 PM]: people like me will poke it and ask it if its mind is ok
ljwaynexstatic [6:08 PM]: if my dad was in a boyband I'd have offed myself or have gotten a sex change
PRiMUS does suck [6:08 PM]: *nods and shakes my head* such a disgrace to society
ljwaynexstatic [6:08 PM]: freaking complezes you get from all that dancing
PRiMUS does suck [6:08 PM]: anyway, we have to go and count how many people give us the 'what the fuck?' looks
ljwaynexstatic [6:08 PM]: complexes*
ljwaynexstatic [6:08 PM]: and the thrusting... oh GOD the thrusting
PRiMUS does suck [6:09 PM]: what are you talking about?
ljwaynexstatic [6:09 PM]: boybands!
PRiMUS does suck [6:09 PM]: ohhh, yeah, trusting, gotcha
ljwaynexstatic [6:09 PM]: they don't bother you?
ljwaynexstatic [6:09 PM]: how could you POSSIBLY manage them?
ljwaynexstatic [6:09 PM]: you have to WATCH them all the time
PRiMUS does suck [6:10 PM]: =smacks you upside the head= LISTEN, I have a song called AntiPop, and an album too, and you ask if they don't bother me??
ljwaynexstatic [6:10 PM]: and hear their songs all the time over and over until you DREAM them
PRiMUS does suck [6:10 PM]: are you insane wait, yes, you are.
PRiMUS does suck [6:10 PM]: moving right along
ljwaynexstatic [6:10 PM]: riiiight
ljwaynexstatic [6:10 PM]: just had to get that in there
PRiMUS does suck [6:10 PM]: =nods= i do what I can, Wayne
ljwaynexstatic [6:10 PM]: ok.. we'll have a "weird look counter"
PRiMUS does suck [6:11 PM]: yes, and make loud obnixous noises when it goes up
PRiMUS does suck [6:11 PM]: causing yet more weird looks
ljwaynexstatic [6:11 PM]: and a.... " 'who the hell is that?' look counter"
PRiMUS does suck [6:11 PM]: the possiblities are endless
PRiMUS does suck [6:11 PM]: Yeah!
PRiMUS does suck [6:11 PM]: gotta have that
PRiMUS does suck [6:11 PM]: we need to wear shirts that are annoying all in their own
ljwaynexstatic [6:11 PM]: yes you go DING and I go ZAP and Fred goes BUZZ
PRiMUS does suck [6:12 PM]: lmfao alright man.
ljwaynexstatic [6:12 PM]: why don't we just go naked
PRiMUS does suck [6:12 PM]: Yeah, who needs clothes and eyesite?
ljwaynexstatic [6:12 PM]: nah,,, we;'ll be arrested too soon in the game
PRiMUS does suck [6:12 PM]: and too blind from looking at one another.
PRiMUS does suck [6:12 PM]: Not a good plan.
PRiMUS does suck [6:12 PM]: True.
ljwaynexstatic [6:13 PM]: duct tape... of course not acutallly touching us...we'll have cloth surrounding us, but tape over that, so we look like a dominitrix
PRiMUS does suck [6:13 PM]: or paper sacks
ljwaynexstatic [6:13 PM]: you know you want my sexah body, Les
ljwaynexstatic [6:13 PM]: or a barrell
PRiMUS does suck [6:13 PM]: and say we were too poor from people never buying our albums
ljwaynexstatic [6:13 PM]: barrel
ljwaynexstatic [6:13 PM]: I bought you album heh, so the 10 cents you got came from me
PRiMUS does suck [6:14 PM]: Thank you, I spent it irresponsibly, I'll have you know
ljwaynexstatic [6:14 PM]: and keep scratchin our scalps and say we have a mutated form of lice
ljwaynexstatic [6:14 PM]: and cough on people a lot
ljwaynexstatic [6:15 PM]: and pretend we know them really well, but have no clue who the fuck they are
PRiMUS does suck [6:15 PM]: And I can sniff people, the MBP people hate that
ljwaynexstatic [6:15 PM]: or go up to a BSB and wink and nudge him saying, last night was fun... how about another time
PRiMUS does suck [6:15 PM]: wonder if Brad can hang with us if he goes, when he's not seated with his band
ljwaynexstatic [6:15 PM]: sniffing, moslesting, growling, dry humping
PRiMUS does suck [6:16 PM]: Yes! And I can say 'I know about that birthmark on your ass!' really loud
ljwaynexstatic [6:16 PM]: yeah, Brad kicks ass with that stuff
PRiMUS does suck [6:16 PM]: or 'Her tits are fake you can just TELL'
ljwaynexstatic [6:16 PM]: or or or! It happens to LOT'sS of guys
ljwaynexstatic [6:16 PM]: LOT'S*
ljwaynexstatic [6:16 PM]: motherfucker
PRiMUS does suck [6:16 PM]: rude remarks all night yeah! like 'it's okay, my first time I was nervous too'
ljwaynexstatic [6:16 PM]: I can't spell shit
ljwaynexstatic [6:17 PM]: the second time is always the best
ljwaynexstatic [6:17 PM]: third try is a charm
PRiMUS does suck [6:17 PM]: Yeah! 'There's things you can do to make that bigger'
PRiMUS does suck [6:17 PM]: hmm. I wanna be fully prepared for obnixous comments
ljwaynexstatic [6:18 PM]: "Are those real?" "That's not permanent is it?" "Were you born with that?"
ljwaynexstatic [6:18 PM]: yes, this will be fully enjoyed
PRiMUS does suck [6:18 PM]: "I saw one of those that size when I was 10"
PRiMUS does suck [6:18 PM]: make it embarassing and disturbing
PRiMUS does suck [6:18 PM]: =grins=
ljwaynexstatic [6:18 PM]: Your mom wanted me to say hi
PRiMUS does suck [6:19 PM]: Yeah! Or "Tell your Dad I said thanks"
PRiMUS does suck [6:19 PM]: or even better.. "that's not really your sister or do you like incest?"
ljwaynexstatic [6:19 PM]: or, I hope your dog is fully recovered
PRiMUS does suck [6:20 PM]: haha, yeah "Man you gotta stop doing that, it's illegal in 48 states"

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I'm feeling adventurous [23 Feb 2002|03:04pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I'm going on a road trip. Anyone please to join?

Let's see... I'm going to buy an RV, or a short bus, and I'll look at all the places on the map i want to travel to. When you're on tour, you really don't get to enjoy your travel stops as much, and I've always wanted to see some of the cool shit this place has to offer. I've heard how sick of touring some of you guys are of touring, but this isn't the same... No schedules, basically free time to do whatever the hell we want (within SOME legal boundaries... everything else, we just can't get caught doing) Tripp, Ken, and tony already agreed to go. Anyone else?

And no zapping... I promise. >:)

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[22 Feb 2002|12:32am]

I had a chat on MSN tonight, and thank God MSN wasn't a cunt then, because right now, I want to Zap it.

Our good friend Phoenix actually got a question in there, and I remember Linkin Park went to the Buzz Bake Sale last year (we were there this year) and he asked about it. [I actually WENT to the buzz bake sale and it kicked ass, seriously. Adema, Lit, Static, Sum 41, AAF, Tantric, NFG, Jimmy Eat World, Staind, Drowning Pool, Sugarcult, and Disturbed were all there. I was in heaven]
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Disturbed [18 Feb 2002|11:46pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I'm so bored. Dave's not talking. He said he needed to talk to someone, but then he goes and dies. FEH! I really should have gone to that restaurant, and my hair's really pissing me off to the point where I'm ready to shop it off, and the only thing that is stopping me, is the fact that it's my trademark,a dn the main reason I get recognized. I'm done updating, so I'll leave you with some lyrics. When these guys performed this at the Bake Sale in Florida, it had to be teir best performance ever.

Disturbed - Violence FetishCollapse )

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Wayne's taking over! [18 Feb 2002|07:26pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Not really. I just got a journal like all my other nu-metal friends. My good friend Dave Farrell gave me his code, and I'm all set up.

If anyone is wondering what I look like with my hair down, come to my bus. I haven't done it.. We have a show tomorrow, but tonight I have off. I think I'll blow all my per diems on this restaraunt I saw advertised. It's fancy, so I'd have to do my hair, lol. How do you think people will react to that? Oh, the anticipation is too much. Everyone add me! AIM me at ljwaynexstatic, or MSN waynexstatic@hotmail.com.

Everyone go see the Static-X, Soulfly, Soulfly, and Onesidezero U.S. tour. It kicks Static ass!

This is gonna be fun.

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